The Elite Warriors clan is all about “friends and fun.”  We are a closely knit group of gamers who believe that a clan is much more than a group of people who play a game — it’s more like a family.  EWs support and help each other both in virtual life and when possible in real life as well.  Because of this philosophy, we have members who literally grew up in the clan, and are now contributing adult members.  This is a real rarity in the gaming world.

EW is nearly a decade old now, and will continue to provide a gaming home for people who want to be part of a real gaming community.  Even though we started as a Jedi Knight gaming clan and have branched off into other games, the EW creed is just as powerful today as the day it was written nearly 10 years ago:

   As an Elite Warrior, I employ and uphold the principles of the Jedi Knights of old. Pride, motivation, self discipline and fortitude are my trademarks. My skills are finely honed. My comrades and I have the will, skill and courage to win. In peace or in war, I will defend my comrades from any aggressor. I am an Elite Warrior, a member of the most proficient, highly trained, and battle tested Jedi Knight Clan. I will assist those who are new to our arena because I remember what it meant to be new. My thoughts and opinions are shared with my fellow warriors because together we are strong. We have many voices, but one will. We hold ourselves to a higher standard, not because we have to, but because we have pride in ourselves and the Knights who came before us. We take pride not only in our words, but also in our actions. I will trust in the wisdom of our leaders, and our leaders will trust in our skills. I can always be trusted to do my best. My allies know they can depend on me, my enemies can expect no quarter.

I am an Elite Warrior.